Biff Rose

Roast Beef


Down Pat
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  1. Home Is Just As Good As Anyplace

  2. When We're Together (I Don't Want To Get Caught)

  3. Love All The Time

  4. Hello, Dolphin

  5. Music Fills My Burp

  6. Anxious Moments

  7. She Said

  8. Be Happy (Smile While You Can)

  9. More Than He Does

  10. Afraid To Fall In Love Again

  11. Hello, Beer Can

  12. Time Was Very Long Ago

  13. I'd Rather Be With You Than Alive Or Dead

  14. We Were Only Fourteen

About this product

Roast Beef is Biff Rose's seventh album...financed by Michel Nesmith of the Monkees in 1976...made in ONE sitting straight is the ONLY album ever to be made in ONE SITTING straight through (so Biff tells us!)...Biff decided to just improvise you're on the ocean and suddenly there is an island...that would be a "song form"..then more oceanic improv..then ANOTHER firm island ( a song)..and so on for fourteen songs and one is the LAST album to be made like that because now everyone is linkedIn,Tweeting. Texting and is a collectors' item....Drag City is selling the remaining few original pressings in damn near perfect conditon, sealed...and ver-r-r-y rare Katrina survivors, with some subtle signs of the hurricane to prove it..... — Biff Rose