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Slitch is a short comic film about a teenage girl's summertime lust, featuring fantasizing, bubble gum, and bicycle riding. Directed by Dianne Bellino and soundtrack by The Continental OP. Slitch stars Will Oldham as a mentally unbalanced surfer, blending in seamlessly with a cast of lovely local ladies. The Slitch package includes the 23-minute short film on one side of the disk and the soundtrack by The Continental OP on the other side. Bonus features include the Palace "Come In" music video, director commentary, booklet, & CD soundtrack on reverse side of DVD.

CD Tracklisting:
Faster 3:47
La La La 2:31
Glock 2:51
Heavy Minor 5:20
Fantasy 2:30
Acoustic Minor 2:10
James Tired 2:30
Magnifico 9:25

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