Spur of the Moments


Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk
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DC435 /GZD-005
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  1. Mind Odyssey 2:37

  2. Mr. Creep 2:10

  3. Tribal Gathering / We Don't Want To Know 14:10

  4. Modern Era 2:14

  5. Time Is Now 4:11

  6. Be Tender, My Love 2:41

  7. You Could Help Me Ease The Pain 2:14

  8. All Over The World 3:03

  9. Help Me I'm Falling 4:26

  10. Eight Days A Week 4:26

  11. Yield Not 2:27

About this product

Footprints in the sand from the pride of Belleville, IL, circa '66-'72. Cowboy rock that urges the inner you to awaken, while triggering your dancing bones. Fans of Byrds, Youngbloods and the Dead (to name but a few) are sure to find some glints and flashes back in these rare grooves.