The Suntanama

The Suntanama


Drag City
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  1. Brambler 4:41

  2. And So The Story Goes 4:30

  3. Corduroy Lawsuit 4:50

  4. Sunset Samagain 2:07

  5. Lost Out 5:36

  6. Crystal Sunshine (Sunshine Lady) 3:53

  7. Song Inside A Shell 3:17

  8. Whippoorwill 4:05

  9. The Hoof (The Hoof) 4:32

  10. The Bringing Rain 3:51

About this product

If you ever think of a well, an ocean or a tear and think about the sounds that they share, you might just have stumbled across The Suntanama. A highly adaptable unit who have since their inception willingly transgressed the boundaries between band and "fans". Their shows are filled with thunder and rain.