Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy



Drag City/Palace Records
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DC1121 /PR71
City Beast LP Bundle $100.00 out of print
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Degraded Beast Cassette Bundle $75.00 out of print
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Degraded Beast CD Bundle $75.00 out of print
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All Tracks

  1. Make Worry For Me 3:58

  2. Good to My Girls 2:41

  3. God is Waiting 3:07

  4. Hall of Death 3:21

  5. Shorty's Ark 3:29

  6. I am a Youth Inclined to Ramble 6:07

  7. My Popsicle 2:48

  8. Watch What Happens 2:55

  9. Resist the Urge 2:34

  10. There Must Be a Someone 2:41

  11. My Blue Suit 2:36

  12. My Body is My Own 2:36

  13. You Can Regret What You Have Done 2:05

  14. Not Fooling 2:34

About this product

They look like we do, and may live somewhat the same. Yet, they are multiplied. Where once was Superwolf, now are Superwolves. What world, REALLY are Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy from? A place of all-music, knowing no borders, no morals other than natural tribal lines to be violated in the name of love and light, for all together.

Move to the beat of the street with your choice of LP, CD or Cassette bundled with the following tools for high-population density survival: high quality 14" x 28" limited poster of the LP insert painting (by Peter Doig); beach towel with the "Make Worry For Me" single artwork (by Harmony Korine); custom incense box (with an aroma specifically, nasally curated by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy); Superwolf photo coffee mug; embroidered hat; and a cup and tray set featuring the album and single artwork (both by Harmony Korine), for those who still separate their seeds and stems! 

If life in the 'vid has ground you down, and you wanna get off the grid and roam on the range, here's a go-bag to jibe with your relief check and balances! Take your pick of LP, CD or Cassette bundled with these itinerant must-haves: 100% cotton bandana with “Make Worry For Me” single artwork (by Harmony Korine); 4-pack of buttons (can't hold up your pants (or the Super K) without 'em); Superwolves Croc jibbitz (to spark up your view at the dock of the bay as you watch the ocean surf, rainwater and sewage roll away over your toes); coffee mug (with custom artwork redolent of the comforts of home by Michael Eaton); and embroidered hat (to fend off those devil rays!).


Due to our licensing agreement with Domino Records, all LP/CD/CS orders must be placed using this link.

Please note: The release date for LP, Cassette, CD, and Bundles is JULY 16, 2021.

Pre-order any Superwolves format from Drag City to be entered into a prize draw to gain access to a collective listening experience with the Superwolves themselves on June 20th, 2021. Existing pre-orderers will be entered automatically.