The Endtables

The Endtables


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  1. Process of Elimination 2:11

  2. The Defectors 4:01

  3. They're Guilty 3:56

  4. Circumcision 1:56

  5. White Glove Test 3:08

  6. Trick or Treat 2:30

  7. Process of Elimination (unedited) 2:47

  8. Break the Bank Break the Figurine (live) 2:04

  9. When Beauty Meets Ugly (live) 1:59

  10. Europe (live) 4:12

  11. No Bed (live) 2:38

  12. Trick or Treat (live) 2:04

  13. Twelve (live) 2:51

About this product

"I know that this one is hardly out of the new-release bins, but I'd like to lead one more chorus of hosannas for the reissue of the Endtables' self-titled EP. This is is a record that I haven't tired of- not a bit- in the 30 years since I first heard it. How is that possible? I'm afraid that the ability to explain such a thing is beyond my powers of analysis. For me, this will always be one of those perfect records (see also, from the DC-family catalog, Corky's Debt to His Father and the Circle X EP). It's the sound of the damn thing. It's the chilliness of Steve Rigot's vocals, and it's the wild, blazing interjections of Alex Durig's guitar playing.

Thus I'd like to raise a toast to the year 2041. . ."

-David Grubbs, 2011


12"EP version contains the first 6 tracks, comprising the previously released 7"s.
CD version adds the remaining 7 bonus tracks, plus rare live video of three songs.
MP3 version includes bonus tracks & 320x240 video.
FLAC version includes bonus tracks & full-res video.