Ty Segall

The Hill


Drag City
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  1. The Hill 2:41

  2. Mother Lemonade 3:20

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As you press forward into the dense brush and get ready to climb, remember the reality of today/tomorrow (and yes, the simpler time of “yesterday” too): there’s always a war going down somewhere. But we’re not going to be ready to fight or fuck or love in any way until we win that first battle, which is the war upstairs -- that’s where the real action is. The war inside your head. That’s where the true call comes from, whether it’s to help your fellow man or chew his face off. So pay attention and listen closely to the sounds. Are they coming from speakers or the inside of your skull? This will determine the rest of your days. Turns out, “The Hill” might be steeper and higher than you thought. Fuck.