Bonnie "Prince" Billy

The Letting Go


Drag City/Palace Records
Catalog #
DC420 /PR36
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All Tracks

  1. Love Comes To Me 4:32

  2. Strange Form Of Life 3:46

  3. Wai 3:38

  4. Cursed Sleep 5:36

  5. No Bad News 4:45

  6. Cold & Wet 2:21

  7. Big Friday 2:44

  8. Lay And Love 3:50

  9. The Seedling 4:37

  10. Then The Letting Go 5:19

  11. God's Small Song 4:04

  12. I Called You Back 7:52

  13. [untitled Track] 5:12

About this product

Bonnie's first original solo material in three years features a sweeter sound and a new hollerin' partner. Dawn McCarthy haunts most of these tracks, backing the Prince. This is music for lazy days of Summer and the days you don't want to leave the house in the Winter - plus the fall days thinking about the Springtime of your life. In the Spring, just get outside and watch the world grow, "The Letting Go" will be there for you when you get back.


"i had always thought of bonnie prince billy and all of its/his incarnations as something that i liked but never felt a real attachment to. until i listened to the letting go. the mix of will and dawn was like a dream team of harmonies that added so much to the songs that i felt haunted by them. i must have listened to this record once a day for a few months when it first came out. and as i am listening to it while typing this i still feel the same sort of love for it. it is at once personal, inviting and a wonderful story that lets you in and makes you imagine the scenarios set before you. the call and response on "then the letting go" makes me think of will in a cave with dawn as his echo. it's beautiful.
- Rose Lazar, 2011