Typhonian Highlife

The World of Shells


Sun Ark
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  1. Chitahoori Training Tape 2:43

  2. The Startled Gaze of the Chitahoori 2:46

  3. Nyangani Warp Speeds 3:13

  4. Symphosodon Nasty Boys 3:23

  5. Nano-Zootypes in a Tenctonese Exhibition Tank 7:08

  6. Wah Wah Day Gecko Gecco 3:39

  7. Zenith Umbaba-Xeno 2:13

  8. Oracle of Egret, Siracusa Sicily 15:05

About this product

The experience of the visual and audio art of The World of Shells is meant to invent a simulated encounter: the participant will find a hallucinated catalog of real and unreal events, a diary of a world of beyond, an elemental integration of water and desert aesthetics that invents and elemental being.