Space Ponch

The World Shopping With Space Ponch


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Compact Disc $12.00

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  1. Barefoot in Baltimore 3:35

  2. Raymint Scott 2:06

  3. Batanga Cha Cha Cha 3:13

  4. Kinga Crew 3:10

  5. GMW 2:47

  6. Debard 1:15

  7. How to Murder Your Wife 3:02

  8. Tati Suite, Including: After the Fox, Traffic, Playtime 9:05

  9. Tengs of Thugs 3:33

  10. Pheasants 3:44

  11. The World Shopping With Space Ponch 15:08

  12. Great Budda Airmail 2:26

About this product

A sonic spree to delight the materialist in you. It's a typically Japanese fusion of disco, exotic, soundtrack, pop and avant elements, three-ring party music that supplies its own party! Awarded best use of a vocoder in a supporting role by all of here at the home office.

Released in 1999 on Flavour of Sound