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There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You


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  1. Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings 2:06

  2. Long Before 6:12

  3. I Tried To Stay Healthy For You 3:30

  4. Cellar Song 3:51

  5. (i Was Drunk At The) Pulpit 3:51

  6. There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You 2:55

  7. O Lord Are You In Need? 2:58

  8. Merida 3:38

  9. King Me 3:49

  10. I Had A Good Mother And Father 2:54

  11. Riding 4:23

  12. O Paul 2:49

About this product

It's hard to believe it was eighteen years back that Palace Brothers came out of nowhere (well, Louisville Kentucky anyway) to inaugurate a songwriting tradition that continues growing to this day. Back then, nobody had ever heard of Bonny 'Prince' Billy - shoot, you had to have open ears to know who Slint were. But the open ears had it in the summer of '93, when There Is No One What Would Take Care of You hit the record stores with stern impact of a pound of feathers. Here, Squirrel Baiter, Slint-man and Palace Brother Brian McMahan recalls the the days before, when the record was made:

Lots of coffee, and beans. Alternating cups of whiskey. Merciful is cold outside, with snow, but the floor is warming...

HEARTSTRINGS. What kind of terror. Quiet.