These Trails

These Trails


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  1. These Trails 1:25

  2. Our House In Hanalei 1:49

  3. Of Broken Links 1:40

  4. El Rey Pescador 3:04

  5. Psyche I & Share Your Water 5:27

  6. Hello Lou 3:42

  7. Rusty's House & Los In Space 5:41

  8. Psyche II 2:27

  9. Sowed A Seed 2:14

  10. Rapt Attention 2:12

  11. Waipoo 2:33

  12. Garden Botanum 3:26

About this product

These Trails have ridden the wind from the Honolulu hills circa 1973 to the black-hearted traders circles circa the millennium to today. Their one album fuses musical traditions of the nations in service of a young idea: assumptions of the eternal, couched in the personal. These are songs of and for all kinds of folk, created and offered in all innocence. It is and was music of the then — and it can never happen again. BUT IT IS HERE NOW...