The Bill Fay Group

Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow


Drag City
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  1. Change is Near

  2. Strange Stairway

  3. Spiritual Mansions

  4. Planet Earth, Daytime

  5. Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow

  6. Cosmic Boxer

  7. Pear Tree

  8. Life

  9. Hypocrite

  10. My Friend

  11. Man

  12. Sam

  13. Isles of Sleep

About this product

"Listening to Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Bill Fay is like a moment of deja vu, it's disturbing and exciting, and makes you question your reality. It's a tender, dark, and complex record, addressing matters of the spirit with a mix of lyrical abstraction and warmth. The album passes like a day where a lot happens and you go to bed feeling that you've changed somehow.

The setting is bleak and familiar at once: shiny synths stretch up to the sky while the vocals are human scale and intimate, but with an underlying tension. The drums are not in any kind of hurry. Bill Fay's voice is familiar and classic, and the presence of his delivery is startling. No vocals acrobatics here, just the words the way they want to be sung. His voice is the sonic equivalent of the perfect wool sweater: pure, natural, strong and soft. Classic but never boring.

"Planet Earth, Daytime" is one of my favorite songs. The cinematic intro, the frightening war flashback section (way scarier than The Wall!), the disgusting groove of the second chorus, and the talkative electric guitar make for new discoveries with each listen.

This record is totally original and can't be compared to anything in existence, but if it were an ingredient in a delicious sandwich the other parts could be Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush, Soft Machine, and John Lennon."

Peace! Sophia Knapp