Drag City Supersession

Tramps, Traitors and Little Devils


Drag City
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  1. Zero Degrees 2:45

  2. Charley's Girl 3:53

  3. Texas Dog Leg 2:53

  4. The Girl On The Billboard 3:49

  5. Leaving The Army 3:37

  6. Everyday 2:50

  7. Nothing Rises To Meet Me 4:24

  8. Old Man 3:31

  9. N.I.B. 4:53

  10. One Chord Complaint 5:54

About this product

Insert your favorite Drag City artist. Now do it again. Once more. And so on. Bill Calahan, Edith Frost, and Neil Michael Hagerty have joined forces to combat the powers of evil with their wizened minds and young, burning hearts, yielding a barn-razing good time. A lot of something for our weary souls.

Bill Callahan (SMOG)
Edith Frost
Neil Michael Hagerty
Tara Key
Brendan Murphy
Rian Murphy
Jim O'Rourke

Matt Bauder
Jessica Billey
Mark Greenberg
Azita Youssefi