Imitation Electric Piano

Trinity Neon


Drag City
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LP $22.00
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  1. Gin Lane

  2. An Hour is Sixty Minutes Too Long

  3. Small Science

  4. King's Evil

  5. The Khartoum Venus

  6. Theme for an Imitation Electric Piano

  7. Chronicle of a Split Foretold

  8. Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong (But You Are)

  9. Emphatic Yet Melodic

  10. It Sounds Like a Party

  11. Theme for an I.E.P. (Reprise)

About this product

More rockin' and rollin' with the electric piano. Their first self titled EP was on many people's best of lists back in 1999. They are still an instrumental band, but with a delightful vocal presence on several songs. Accept no imitation! Unless it's Imitation Electric Piano.