The Fucking Champs



Drag City
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  1. Never Enough Neck, Pt. 1 2:41

  2. Never Enough Neck, Pt. 2 2:13

  3. Children Perceive The Hoax Cluster 2:12

  4. I Am The Album Cover 1:45

  5. Nebula Ball Rests In A Fantasy Claw 1:01

  6. The Virtues Of Cruising 2:14

  7. Aliens Of Gold 4:36

  8. Air On A G-String 2:26

  9. Hats Off To Music 2:50

  10. Major Airbro's Landing 2:11

  11. Policenauts 2000 2:51

  12. Crummy Lovers Die In The Grave 3:32

  13. Part Three 2:56

  14. Happy Segovia 2:18

  15. Chorale Motherfucker 2:40

About this product

It's happening again. Back from the land of Rock. At play in the fields of Total Music, The Fucking Champs rise again. Yes, virtually alone in those fields is the band who has previously thrilled you with such albums as III and IV. It's been an epic, world-spanning year and a half since the momentous release of IV. But you can't stop The Fucking Champs. You just can't! And so "V" has arrived.