John Fahey

Vampire Vultures

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The second dose of Fahey on Fahey. The tales and travels of an American legend.

Paperback, 129 pages

A Word from Doctor Demento
Introduction by Ayal Senior
A Hymn of Scent by Byron Coley
The Spring
Can You Understand Me
Prolegomena to All Questions Regarding Cat People, Past, Present and Future
The Blue Mead Notebook
A Lover's Triangle
Our End is Our Beginning
I Get Tired of Pretending I'm A Kid
Carnation, Sleep & Dream
Interview with John Fahey by Thomas Marney
You Are Always With Me
The Crystal Cave
The Final Battle, Part Two
The Future Will Be Like the Present, Only More So...
The Factory
Twilight Time Radio Hour
The Brain of the Purple Mountain
More Fun with Daddy
Until I Learn Your Name Again, I'm Calling You Zaihro
Severely Legal Proceedings...
Vampire Vultures
Good Morning!
The Great Fun We Had
Afterword by John Allen