Kev Hopper

Whispering Foils


Drag City
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LP $22.00
Compact Disc $12.00

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  1. Waiting for Baby

  2. Canary Lights

  3. Starfields

  4. Lamalou Les Bains

  5. Riker 2

  6. Shaeffer's Noose

  7. Return of the Bung

  8. Skitch Pics

  9. Mr. Chuff Chuff

  10. London Bells

  11. Whispering Foils

About this product

The exotic sounds of the singing saw - combined with lots of other trans-oceanic sounds. Guest shots galore - Sean O'Hagan and other UK freaks. The now sound of Kev Hopper's whispering elexotica is now on Drag City!