posted November 26th, 2014

The American leg of the Weirdon tour is nearing a close, and holy shit - the Hiss are holy-freakin'-HOT! A full-tilt power trio providing a heavy hit of guitar heronics, Purling Hiss screech and claw their way around a song-sonics like cats with their paws jammed into in the proverbial pocket. Tres electrique! As 2014 twilights (and prepares to go 'nova) , das Hiss set their dead red radar eyes towards their next haunting grounds: the castles, catacombs and modern, biker friendly infrastructure of Europe! In a scene full of half-baked ideas and attempted-shred, it's invigorating to finally experience a band that is live as it is loud: the twice-baked, authentic article! Mike Polizze has some magic seeping forth from underneath his fingernails; mixed within the reasonably excessive grime, there's illuminating, effortless song-craft! Torch bearing for the flannel-set going back 5 decades, Purling Hiss' shows are wild, wooly, and caked in wooded danger - a different altered beast rears it's terrifying head each night, guitars and drums at the ready, unconscious and ready to ROCK you. Will you be just as ready? Stay lucid, European friends! It's going to get Weirdon before winter's almost gone. Take this advance notice and call us in the morning: Purling Hiss announce their European tour!

What's left for the USA:

11/26/14 Hi Tone Memphis TN

11/27/14 The New Vintage Louisville KY

11/28/14 Empty Bottle Chicago IL Good Vibes Fest

11/29/14 Happy Dog Cleveland OH

12/6/14 The Gild Hall Wilmington DE

Ahead to Europe 2015:

3/4/15 OT301 Amsterdam Netherlands

3/5/15 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany

3/7/15 Vera Groningen Netherlands

3/8/15 Cassiopeia

3/9/15 Klub 007 Prague Czech Republic

3/10/15 Arena Vienna Austria

3/12/15 Altrove - Teatro Della Maddalena Genova Italy

3/13/15 Covo Club Bologna Italy

3/14/15 Tender Club Florence Italy

3/17/15 Almo2Bar Barcelona Spain

3/20/15 Het Bos Antwerp Belgium

3/21/15 Bleach Brighton United Kingdom

3/22/15 The Oobleck Birmingham United Kingdom

3/23/15 Broadcast Glasgow United Kingdom

3/24/15 The Shipping Forecast Liverpool United Kingdom

3/25/15 Corsica Studios London United Kingdom

3/26/15 Hall of Fame Tilburg Netherlands

3/27/15 dB's Studios Utrecht Netherlands

3/28/15 Beursschouwburg Brussels Belgium

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