Make Up: Untouchable Sound (SN13)

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Untouchable Sound


Sea Note
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  1. Intro 2:13

  2. Save Yourself 5:21

  3. Every Baby Cries The Same 4:14

  4. Hey! Orpheus 2:30

  5. Call Me Mommy 2:53

  6. They Live By Night 4:07

  7. I Am Pentagon 3:29

  8. The Prophet 3:03

  9. The Bells 4:16

  10. Born On The Floor 3:14

  11. Wade In The Water 5:17

  12. White Belts 2:36

  13. C'mon Let's Spawn 3:41

About this product

Scream and shake along with Ian Svenonius and the rest of what would branch off to become Weird War, Scene Creamers, and French Toast in this rediscovered live experience from the turn o' the century. Hips fly as these politicos play the audience as if they're just another instrument. Expect sweat before you even press play.

Recorded live at the Black Cat Club in Washington, DC in 2000.