Weird War

Weird War


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  1. Baby It's The Best 2:55

  2. Chicago Charlemagne 2:35

  3. Who's Who 2:18

  4. FN Rat 3:25

  5. Grass 2:07

  6. Ibex Club 2:05

  7. Name Names 3:11

  8. Burgers And Fries 3:07

  9. I Live In A Dream 2:30

  10. Pick Up The Phone And Ball 2:05

  11. Family Cong 1:41

  12. Weird War 1:13

  13. Man Is Money 2:38

About this product

Intended for the U.S. entry at the World's Fair, Weird War was meant to celebrate the use of Rock 'n' Roll in subduing the world to the global imperial system peaceably. To impress the ivory tower types at the fair however, people of unusual intellect would have to be chosen to inhabit the WW trademark...Jessica Espeleta, Neil Michael Hagerty, Steve McCarty, Michelle Mae, Ian Svenonius and Michelle Mae.