posted February 11th, 2016

Neil Michael Hagerty leads The Howling Hex back out into the sunshine with a new full length, their first since The Best of the Howling Hex back in 2013. This direction, explored in a pair of limited-edition singles released over the past two years, reaches a populist zenith on the new album, Denver, in which an entire community and geographic region are tapped for their  energy, the celebratory pulses of which feed the new music of Neil Michael Hagerty and The Howling Hex!

The deeply principled, forward-facing manner of The Howling Hex is based in the now-ancient ways of rock and roll alchemy- the modding-up of ethnic idioms from regional traditional American sounds and the refitting of these rhythms  with expressions of new youth, reckless within the contemporary lifestyle! Coupled with the beats, Neil's howling guitar sounds elevate the
music of Denver to an ecstatic communal expression, the likes of which will no doubt massage pleasure centers in the make-up of modern popular music listeners.

The music, when combined with the high-energy reflections of the city life and mountain scene that emanates from Denver, gives The Howling Hex their most powerful, accessible iteration, driven by the rhythm and accelerated by the gnarl of Neil's classic guitar playing. Travel to Denver with The Howling Hex on April 15th!

Neil Michael Hagerty and The Howling Hex are also headed to Europe in May for a gigantic tour! Catch them on the dates below and look out for more to come:

May 06 - in Ghent, Belgium at VOORUIT
May 07 - in Rotterdam, Netherlands at ROODKAPJE SUB  
May 08 - in Brighton, UK at PRINCE ALBERT
May 09 -in Cambridge, UK at PORTLAND ARMS
May 10  in London, UK at MOTH CLUB
May 11 - in Leeds, UK at HEADROW
May 12 -in Glasgow, UK at BROADCAST
May 13 -in Preston, UK in CONTINENTAL
May 14 - in Brighton, UK at EXCHANGE
May 17 - in Hamburg, Germany in ASTRA STUBE
May 18 - in Copenhagen, Denmark in JAZZHOUSE
May 19 -in Oslo, Norway in REVOLVER
May 20 -in Gothenberg, Sweden at FOLK
May 30 - in Bologna, Italy at FREAKOUT CLUB
May 31 -in Rome, Italy at FANFULLA
June 01 -in Genova, Italy at TEATRO DALTROVE
June 03 - in Barcelona, Spain at  PRIMAVERA SOUND
June 07 - in Geneva, Switzerland at CAVE12
June 08 - in Paris, France at INSTANTS CHAVIRÉS
June 11 -in Porto, Portugal at NOS PRIMAVERA SOUND

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