The Howling Hex

The Best of The Howling Hex


Drag City
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  1. Built a Friend 4:06

  2. Primetime Clown 3:29

  3. Highlights 2:09

  4. Electrico Northern 2:30

  5. Street Craps 3:47

  6. The General Prologue 3:36

  7. Green Limousine 5:07

  8. Trashcan Bahamas 23:59

About this product

Hey hotshot — ain't you heard, The Howling Hex are back in town, mile-high style this time! New Border Funk has packed up and headed north, both geographically and in terms of tempo. Tightly compressed songs, alien guitar textures, wild high spirits are all ringing out in the big town; square-state rock at it's far-flung best!