Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex


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Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. City Song 2:39

  2. Colfax West 1:57

  3. Random Friends 2:34

  4. Canyon 2:40

  5. Mountain 2:04

  6. Time Gives 1:43

  7. Look Out 6:03

  8. Guided Missiles 1:51

  9. 300 Days of Sunshine 5:36

About this product

Drawing on the collective power of an entire community and geographic setting, NMH&THH fire up the New Border Sound with licks of hot guitar for an all-new experience of Denver

Limited LP edition features colorful handmade covers.

Cassette edition features the "Denver: Approved for Indica Mix", which is different from LP mix.

CD edition features colorful handmade covers, the LP mix, and the "Denver: Approved for Indica Mix".