posted May 17th, 2016

Continuing the Flying Saucer Attack reinstatement program that began with last year's new release, Instrumentals 2015,and the subsequent reissue of FSA's 1995 LPs Further and Chorus earlier this year, we arrive at the 1997's New Lands and 2000's Mirror.

Following the chilled-out acoustic drafts blowing through both Further and Chorus, it seemed that the direction for future FSA musics was clear: increased melodicism with more roots exposed in ever-cleaner productions, right? Uh, no. After what felt to be an extended wait, New Lands arrived in late '97, marking phase two of Flying Saucer Attack as an ostensible solo act for Dave Pearce. Further, New Lands presented a foreboding atmosphere, with coarse electric textures from the very top of the record and the highly palpable psychedelic shadows of the debut Flying Saucer Attack album flickering throughout, albeit in a much altered form.

The distance between albums only increased between New Lands and Mirror - over two years this time, with Mirror arriving wrapped in a vibrant, multicolored cover designed by Savage Pencil. The violent spells of New Lands had given way to a flattened drone on the electric pieces from Mirror while the glittering acoustics of "Suncatcher" and "Tides" highlighted an incredible fragility within the songs.

New Lands, Mirror and the eventual Instrumentals 2015 show us that following their manic first years, Flying Saucer Attack never stopped evolving. And now the vinyl artifacts are back among us - to be excavated and reexamined on June 10th - preorder now!

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