posted September 20th, 2016

Breathe - in through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel the energy passing through your body, from your head, down through your legs to the earth. Turn your heart to the sky - and realize that a new album from The Silence is nigh!

Nine Suns, One Morning is the third album from The Silence since their formation in Tokyo in July of 2014. Fronting the sound of The Silence is Masaki Batoh (formerly of the legendary Japanese band Ghost), who along with his band mates calls upon the indigenous and the mysterious aspects of the spiritual world, as exemplified by western rock in blues and British traditional music. For those following the story, the previous album, Hark the Silence, emphasized the solvent quality of open air and the liquidity of free-flowing improvisation from which songs might eventually appear. Nine Suns, One Morning departs from the moody gothic skies under which the slow-boiling jams of Hark, the Silence unfolded, to return to the song oriented approach that marked The Silence's debut album. The difference this time is that the deep space accessed on Hark, the Silence strikes into the new songs, infusing them with wider reach and greater cosmic power than before. The Silence are evolving into something new even as we listen to them!

For a taste of this evolution, check out the video for "Nine Suns, One Morning" - it's an abstruse and brooding view through the looking glass, darkly, highlighting the duskier avenues that The Silence explores. From the ethereal flute playing to jazz time signatures to squalling psychedelic guitars, The Silence celebrate a metamorphic fusion of rock and roll music - transform along with them! Nine Suns, One Morning will change the way you live and love, if you accept it into your life. Welcome it with open arms on November 11th!


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