Nathan Bowles Trio

Are Possible

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All Tracks

  1. Dappled 4:23

  2. The Ternions 8:13

  3. Our Air 5:13

  4. Top Button 4:09

  5. Gimme My Shit 8:26

  6. Aims 9:26

About this product

Are Possible is a spark-throwing, undulating fusion of styles played (mainly) on banjo, upright bass and drums, made possible by the individual perspectives of Nathan, double-bassist Casey Toll (Jake Xerxes Fussell, Mt. Moriah) and drummer Rex McMurry (CAVE) work together in an easy-rolling manner, but one that contains an expansive, ass-shaking confabulation of ideas.

LP/CD Bundles:
Trine ta get a handle on things doesn't seem to be ANYONE's bag these days – so let's all nod thank ye to the Nathan Bowles Trio for their new music, PLUS the conviction that titles their memorable new album collection: Are Possible. Yes! We've been dying to hear somebody say something like this in 2024. And now they've upped the ante AND provided something with a handle – well, two of ‘em! Yup, it’s a tote bag (100% cotton canvas fabric) and it’s ONLY available as part of the “Totes Possible” Bundle – either an LP or CD copy of the Nathan Bowles Trio Are Possible album and a bag for them to ride in on! Classy, encoded and affordable – get yours here or here.