Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Ask Forgiveness


Drag City/Palace Records
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DC354 /PR40
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  1. I Came to Hear the Music 4:41

  2. I've Seen It All 3:42

  3. Am I Demon? 3:43

  4. My Life 4:03

  5. I'm Loving the Street 2:38

  6. The Way I Am 4:13

  7. Cycles 4:09

  8. The World's Greatest 2:26

About this product

A set of cover songs from Bonny with Meg Baird and Greg Weeks of Espers. No Springsteen this time around, but we do get our share of Bjork, R. Kelly, and Mickey Newbury. Each song is given the royal touch, which you know is the softest touch around.