Bonnie "Prince" Billy

"At the Back of the Pit"


Drag City/Palace Records
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DC762A /PR66A
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  1. At the Back of the Pit 3:26

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Bonnie Prince Billy's new single drops a bit of Apocalypse WOW. Picking up where last year's "Blueberry Jam" left off, "At the Back of the Pit" considers what to do with the things we love when it comes time for the death (and therefore, rebirth) of our painstakingly-built’n’kill’t world. It's an affirming country jam: elegiac early moments give way to jaunty roots-rock strides, a horn section soulfully charting the long rays at the end of the day as well as the first rays of the new rising sun as they light on all our hopeful tomorrows.