Bonnie "Prince" Billy


LP/10" Ultraload/CD/MP3/FLAC

Drag City/Palace Records
Catalog #
DC666 /PR42
LP $26.00
Compact Disc $12.00
Ultraload 10" $20.00 out of print
MP3 Download $9.99
FLAC Download $10.99

All Tracks

  1. Beware Your Only Friend 4:01

  2. You Can't Hurt Me Now 3:42

  3. My Life's Work 3:53

  4. Death's Final 3:01

  5. Heart's Arms 3:26

  6. You Don't Love Me 3:09

  7. You Are Lost 2:55

  8. I Won't Ask Again 4:26

  9. I Don't Belong To Anyone 3:15

  10. There Is Something I Have To Say 3:19

  11. I Am Goodbye 2:21

About this product

Hark, the Prince returns! Dark and mysterious, yet occasionally jovial - that's the man you remember. Here he brings some of the classic country sound mixed with his own honest vocals and a full band that can keep up the pace. Beware drawing comparisons to Darkness based on the cover image. There is a new beast roaming this kingdom...