Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy

Blind Date Party


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All Tracks

  1. The Blackness of the Night (feat. Azita) 3:45

  2. OD'd in Denver (feat. Matt Sweeney) 3:30

  3. I've Made Up My Mind (feat. Alasdair Roberts) 4:27

  4. Red-Tailed Hawk (feat. Matt Kinsey) 2:40

  5. Wish You Were Gay (feat. Sean O'Hagan) 3:54

  6. Our Anniversary (feat. Dead Rider) 5:19

  7. Rooftop Garden (feat. George Xylouris) 6:20

  8. Deacon Blues (feat. Bill MacKay) 7:17

  9. I Love You (feat. David Pajo) 6:41

  10. Sea Song (feat. Mick Turner) 7:21

  11. I've Been The One (feat. Meg Baird) 3:55

  12. Miracles (feat. Ty Segall) 4:17

  13. I Want to Go to the Beach (feat. Cooper Crain) 5:34

  14. Night Rider's Lament (feat. Cory Hanson) 4:59

  15. Arise, Therefore (feat. Six Organs of Admittance) 3:24

  16. The Night of Santiago (feat. David Grubbs) 4:16

  17. The Wild Kindness (feat. Cassie Berman) 3:32

  18. Lost in Love (feat. Emmett Kelly) 4:05

  19. She is My Everything (feat. Sir Richard Bishop) 4:46

About this product

Bill & Bonny shared these songs with a travel-challenged world through late 2020 into earlier this year; now their online sensation comes home to roost on the good ol’ fashioned format that all these songs were originally heard in the first place! A record to, from, for and dedicated to almost everyone. Hats off! Pants off too — NOW it’s a party.


Blind After-Party Bundle
Your format of choice (2xLP/2xCD/2xCS) with a sleep mask featuring artwork from the Blind Date Party album cover. This American-made premium polyester satin mask comes in just plain black, it's void adorned with full color eyes plucked from the album cover (courtesy of Lila and Belle Turner) to ease your bloodshot orbs. Plus a tiny logo — because you can't spell accessorize without access! Brand access. So relax — all contingencies are covered. Now lower them lids, slide the 7-plus-inch face mask and 13-plus-inch elastic band over your cranium — one size fits all — and lo, you've made the world go away. You might just be off to dreamland, too — perchance to dream of the next Blind Date Party? PLEASE NOTE: due to production peccadilloes, this bundle will not be shipped before the holidays. You'll sleep when it's 2022!

Blind Date Button Bundle
Your format of choice (2xLP/2xCD/2xCS), paired 4pc button pack! The buttons are randomly drawn from a set of twenty designs emblazoned upon discs of US-made recycled steel. With dimensions enhanced to 1.25" in circumference, instead of the standard 1" classic rock badge, these buttons jump from whatever spot you choose to pin them, drawing curious eyes to their colorful (and/or in some cases, black and white) displays. Wanna collect 'em all? That's a lotta Blind Date Button Bundles, and there are no guarantees! Still Christmas IS coming. All the's coming. So don't relent! Get pinned.

Blind Date Party Double Blind Bundle
Choose your format (either 2xLP or 2xCD), select either LP or CD bundle and let our fingers walk you to a vinyl/or CD release from one of the nineteen esteemed Blind Date Collaborators here. We don't even choose — we pull at random — no thoughts! —and throw an album from the BDP family of man into the bundle.  Then we send it, you get it, and that's it! The bolt from the blue that this encounter might bring to you is nothing less than the ULTIMATE gift we could ever give! You have our word that we and Bill and Bonny KNOW that anything you might hear in your blind date is categorically 'great'. Your eyes (and ears) are NOT bigger than your stomach — science tells us so. Prove it — submit to the double blind test! You may find yourself there — or others that you like just as much.