Axis: Sova

Blinded by Oblivion

LP/Cass/MP3/FLAC/LP Bundle

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LP $24.00
LP Bundle $50.00
Cassette $11.00
MP3 Download $9.99
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All Tracks

  1. People 4:05

  2. Hardcore Maps 1:51

  3. I'm a Ghost 3:08

  4. Trend Sets 2:32

  5. Plastic Pageant Show 2:35

  6. Metallic Hearts 3:29

  7. Join a Cult 5:07

  8. Persuasion 4:26

  9. Writing Blind 4:01

  10. That Dream Again 5:53

About this product

Chicago's Axis: Sova hit the beaches of southern California with Ty Segall to make a total hi-fi classic. Often feral and consistently catchy, Blinded By Oblivion is lit up with interlocking drum kit + drum machine, adventuresome guitar, bass, and harmonic vocals on every song. Icy lyrical perspectives, rendered in a sunshiny natural paradise, transmit the fun and fraud of human polarities with urgency and an occasional eye roll. PLAY LOUD.

Where did this come from? How did they get here? You can find out now with the specially-priced LP bundle listed above! Snag Blinded By Oblivion along with Shampoo You and Motor Earth, and get blinded by a-bundlin'.