Axis: Sova

Early Surf


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  1. We Turn Pale 3:13

  2. Blinding White 1:20

  3. Afflicted Taste 3:57

  4. Ask Me About My Smell 6:49

  5. Secret Hand 2:01

  6. Glass 2:23

  7. Fractal Ancestry 7:09

  8. Dictator of a Flower 2:42

  9. Early Surf 4:47

About this product

Heavy jams for light heads! Visceral fireworks lighting up the hemispheres! Fun times with torch tunes and scorch sounds! Call it what you want — Axis: Sova pulled these songs out of his head like eyeballs, fresh and round, sight damaged, with nerve endings dangling. Scrapping and scrapping the blown out amp waves, from his headphones to yours!