The High Llamas

Buzzle Bee


Drag City
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  1. The Passing Bell 6:31

  2. Pat Mingus 4:26

  3. Get Into the Galley Shop 4:39

  4. Switch Pavilion 4:29

  5. Tambourine Day 3:37

  6. Sleeping Spray 5:06

  7. New Broadway 5:12

  8. Bobby's Court 5:56

About this product

A fresh dose of new music from the old masters. Pure pop fornow-and-then people!

"i just went to pitchfork fest and one of my favorite performances of the weekend was brad truax and noah lennox singing high llamas to me when i told them about writting this review. the high llamas have always been one of my favorite bands. im a skateboarder and when i first heard them i was jamming a lot of dmx and sleep. head banger jams, which to me is the same as the llamas. layers of sounds. and a no rules vibe. buzzle bee is up there as one of the best llamas record. the vocals, keys, bass, drums, vibraphone and alot of instruments i don't even know. what i like about it is the way the vocals blend so tightly with the instruments and it feels like one sound, almost as a instrumental album. switch pavilion is my favorite song. i think laetitia sadier sings on it. buzzle bee is a solid classic, warm feel good album all together. smoke weed, grab a beer and put this on, and you won't be bummed..."

-- Ako Jefferson, The Blackouts