High Llamas

Hey Panda


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  1. Hey Panda 3:32

  2. Fall Off the Mountain 2:41

  3. Bade Amey 3:04

  4. Sisters Friends - featuring Rae Morris 3:24

  5. How the Best was Won - featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 2:59

  6. The Grade 3:09

  7. Yoga Goat 2:53

  8. Stone Cold Slow 3:16

  9. Toriafan 3:21

  10. Hungriest Man - featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 5:01

  11. The Water Moves 2:48

  12. La Masse - featuring Fryars 3:42

About this product

Opened up by the delirious alchemy of contemporary pop music, Sean O’Hagan leaps back into life with High Llamas, with a set of killer tunes reflecting on dimensional levels how definitions change over time. Arranged by Sean and produced with mix collaborator Fryars to engage the eardrums in non-stop new possibilities, Hey Panda radiates optimism inspired by the joys and sorrows felt in former lifetimes and the diverse conundrums of today alike.