Meg Baird

Dear Companion


Drag City
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  1. Dear Companion 3:44

  2. River Song 2:31

  3. The Cruelty Of Barbary Allen 6:27

  4. Do What You Gotta Do 2:48

  5. Riverhouse In Tinicum 4:01

  6. The Waltze Of The Tennis Players 3:05

  7. Maiden In The Moor Lay 2:26

  8. Sweet William And Fair Ellen 5:13

  9. All I Ever Wanted 3:20

  10. Willie O' Winsbury 6:09

  11. Dear Companion (Acappella) 2:27

About this product

Companionship. It's something not a lot of records provide. Sure, many promise it, but few really go the extra yard and cuddle up next to you on the couch after work. This record will brew some tea, listen to your troubles, and soothe you with its intimate folk stylings.


"I like violent guitar squalls, delirious 5am dance parties, larger-than-life stage antics, roto-tom workouts, multi-tiered horn sections, sexed-up R&B jams, tsunami-sized synth waves, and nonstop jazz solos as much as the next gal, but when it truly comes down to it, there are few things more mind-blowing to me than Meg Baird. In my head, I have pages and pages of gushing adjectives to attribute to her voice (oh, that voice!), her guitar-playing, and her songwriting, but amid the din of hyperbole these days, the words just seem to fall flat when I type them out. The only thing worth saying is that Dear Companion is as monumental and subtle as a sunrise, its enormous beauty and warmth is easy to overlook or take for granted, but it packs a transcendental punch if you take the time to witness it."
- Lea Cho, Blues Control