The Children's Hour

Going Home


Sea Note
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  1. Leader Soldier 4:09

  2. Dance With Me 4:05

  3. Bright Lights 3:45

  4. Rainbow 4:48

  5. Adoption Day 4:14

  6. Anna 4:10

  7. Wyoming 2:38

  8. Going Home 3:16

About this product

In the early aughts, The Children’s Hour produced a genial, naive-adjacent, front-porch take on Josephine Foster’s celebrated solo music with the album SOS JFK, then disappeared from the face of the earth. The belated issue of their second album from 2003 furthers their arc delightfully. David Pajo’s Aerial-M-esque drums and bass elevates Josephine and Andy Bar’s shared vibe of love, pure and simple, to an apex of local band barroom bliss.