Royal Trux

Hand of Glory


Drag City
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  1. Domo Des Burros (Two Sticks) 19:34

  2. The Boxing Story: Electric Boxing Show 3:00

  3. The Boxing Story: Four Kings 4:00

  4. The Boxing Story: Golden Lament 5:00

  5. The Boxing Story: Pots And Pansy 4:00

  6. The Boxing Story: K-9 To The Core 4:30

About this product

The missing piece of the Royal Trux puzzle, circa 1989–90! Twin Infinitives fans, rejoice — your sick fantasies have actually been true all these years. Twelve years on and it's still a mind-boggler.

Recordings made from 1985–89.

Re-release date August 28, 2015.