The Howling Hex

Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Firebase Ripcord 3:29

  2. Out Of Reach 2:27

  3. Watching The Sands 2:23

  4. Gray 1:56

  5. Rockslide [live] 6:04

  6. Greasy Saint 2:07

  7. Fat Street 2:53

  8. Clermont Heights 1:05

  9. I'm Your Son 3:06

  10. Creature Catcher [live] 7:28

  11. The Brooklyn Battery 2:03

  12. Carrier Dog 1:54

  13. Witch 1:29

  14. I Remember Old John Brown 1:24

  15. She Drove A Rusted Sled 2:18

  16. White Sex 1:43

  17. Rckslyd Var. 1:10

  18. Car Commercial 4:10

  19. AEP I 1:41

  20. AEP II 2:33

  21. Energy Plan 12:19

About this product

The Third record from Neil Michael Hagerty, firmly establishes him as a solo artist and band leader of wide range and impact. His most comprehensive report to date offering explicit and exclusive information on the current state of democracy in America. The Howling Hex and Neil himself present a little of everything they do and a lot of everything they do; live tracks, acoustic numbers, horizontal breadth, songs about being back in the USA, rhythms and guitars for listening. Enjoy it all you will.


You need this album more than it needs you.
- Jeff Tweedy

[Jeff Tweedy, the American artist best known for his string of popular music albums with Wilco, is responding to the incredible avalanche of rock and roll wit and wisdom enclosed between the covers of Neil Michael Hagerty's swan song (to date!), the epic album-that-named-a-band, The Howling Hex.]