Bonnie "Prince" Billy

"Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You"

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Drag City/Palace Records
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DC910 /PR77
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  1. Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You 6:00

About this product

There’s a time and a season for everything, they tell us – and now we find ourselves at the end of the Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You season. No, the new album won’t go away – and the Bonnie ‘Prince’ will continue to tour – but the cycle of release, the unboxing as it were, is drawing to a close. Fittingly, it goes out with a mighty soar: an epic reading of the title song to the album – a song, by-the-by that, for royal reasons, and no concern of ours, wasn’t included in the album. It isn’t still. It stands marvelously on its own. When heard in concert, it provokes questions like, where is that song and how can I have it?

You don’t have to consult the almanac or pretend to understand time and seasons – mostly, you just have to live them. The KSWDY album was recorded hermetically, so to speak – in a Louisville house, with local musicians, as a necessity of what we hope will be a season that never returns. Here at other end of that tunnel, is “Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You” – a song that Bonny traveled to record, and made with a larger, non-local ensemble. Almost as if it was made in a different timeline and brought back here, to release us to future days. Songs have many lives, just like you and me too.

“Keeping Secrets will Destroy You” was played by Bonny, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Jim Keltner and Blake Mills, and features the singing of Lacey Guthrie, Katie Peabody and Heather Summers.