Bill MacKay

Locust Land


Drag City
To Be Released
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  1. Phantasmic Fairy 1:53

  2. Keeping in Time 3:14

  3. Glow Drift 3:06

  4. Half of You 3:10

  5. Oh Pearl 3:14

  6. Radiator 4:53

  7. When I Was Here 3:35

  8. Neil's Field 1:54

  9. Locust Land 4:12

About this product

Rolling and tumbling in his own sweet way, guitarist Bill MacKay discovers a territory all his own: Locust Land. New vistas abound: Bill adds a measure of keyboard playing to his picking mastery, sings a few more, and, a devout and ceaseless collaborator, features a few other players (Sam WagsterMikel Patrick Avery and Janet Beveridge Bean). Whether played solo or with companions, Bill’s music projects the strength of the universal collective.