Formerly Extinct


Drag City
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  1. Idol's Eye 3:05

  2. The Vault 4:45

  3. Silver Nile 11:43

  4. Plugged Nickel 5:50

  5. Majnun 3:58

  6. Goodbye Mr. Gentry 2:07

  7. Tres Hambres 3:27

  8. Night Porter 3:19

About this product

All they needed was love. But you turned away, now they've broken the bonds of their cage and are back on the street, formerly extinct. Bishop, Chasny and Corsano turn in three-handed riffs galore in a more regimented sequel to their take-no-prisoners-or-corpses-either! debut jammer. This time the saddle shoes are scooting across the tiles - sure, they're spattered with blood and excrement, but it's the thought that counts. Our vote for Instrumental Album of the Year, are you kidding? Look at those teeth!