Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Quail & Dumplings


Drag City/Palace Records
Catalog #
DC506 /PR50
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  1. Quail & Dumplings 4:57

  2. Black Ice Cream 4:44

  3. E Iesu/Maika'i No 4:45

About this product

A fresh taste from the impending Bonnie Prince Billy album, Wolfroy Goes To Town, plus two amazing songs not available anywhere else! The combined talents of Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Tom Curtis, Todd Hildreth, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely, Angel Olson and the Bon-ster recorded, played and sang. T-shirts and their photographs by Patsy Desmond. Clearly, things bigger than the sum of their parts come in little digital packages too!

(Actual release date: 9/13/2011)

This is not goodbye, Patsy Desmond, for you will always be with us. But we will miss hearing from you and seeing the light in your eyes and your outrageous plans and your fiendish in peace, girl. Or fly to the source at your favored feverish pace. You are free now...