Carol Kleyn

Return of the Silkie


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Return of the Silkie 4:00

  2. Iaqua 3:16

  3. Sailor in the Sun 3:48

  4. Lorelei 3:25

  5. Hello Mister Drifter 5:04

  6. Land Voyage 2:18

  7. Guatemala 4:26

  8. Rivers' Calling 3:44

  9. Storm Over Paradise 4:33

  10. And Back Again 4:44

About this product

1983's third chapter in the as yet-unfinished saga of west coast child of sunshine Carol Kleyn and her sweet harp. A slice of the utopian dream that was yearned for in the 70's... and remains all the more poignant 30 years later as we face continued challenges of global warming and world peace.

LP is a limited edition of 1983 first-pressing covers, recently individually signed, with love, from Carol to you.