Bitchin Bajas

Switched on Ra


Drag City
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  1. Space is the Place 7:56

  2. A Call for All Demons 5:36

  3. Outer Spaceways Incorporated 4:01

  4. Moon Dance 7:41

  5. Lanquidity 6:29

  6. Opus in Springtime 5:48

  7. Island in the Sun 6:59

  8. We Travel the Spaceways 5:46

About this product

To pour some out for one of their heroes, the cosmos’ own Sun Ra, Bitchin Bajas simply cut a slice of their own DNA and amplify it! Or something like that: they clearly vibe with Ra in hypno-symbiosis, setting the controls of their analog synths for the heart of Sun. Bonus mixtribute: a heartfelt doff to Queen Wendy C, sythnaut and another mother!

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Cover image of Sun Ra ©1980 Veryl Oakland