The 4th Movement

The 4th Movement


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  1. Revelation's Eve 2:32

  2. Always At Your Door 3:52

  3. The Christ in You 3:58

  4. Seeking the Life That's To Be 3:18

  5. The Build Up 2:49

  6. You'll Never Go Wrong 3:33

  7. He Even Reigns Today / Don't You Think Your Life is Worth It? 7:27

  8. Life Without End 6:47

  9. Key to Paradise 2:17

  10. Love and Music 3:16

  11. Jesus (Please Come) 3:00

About this product

Death after Death from the young men who would be punk before punk. They debuted as The 4th Movement with this private-press Christian rock LP from 1980, now lovingly reissued, and sounding more like Christian punk-rock. Devotion appears to be the other side of the coin from unrest — or perhaps the music of The 4th Movement is a two-headed coin of love and righteousness meant to raise us all up.