Alasdair Roberts

The Songs of My Boyhood


Drag City
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  1. Second Perthshire House Song 1:48

  2. Frozen Blight 4:08

  3. The Language in Things 3:12

  4. Tangled Hair 4:10

  5. Ice Age 3:34

  6. First Perthshire House Song 2:17

  7. Seagulls, Belts 3:45

  8. Arcane Lore 4:22

  9. The Groves of Lebanon 2:38

  10. Exile 3:11

  11. Autumn 3:06

About this product

Alasdair Roberts revisits his early indie-rock days, when he had the name Appendix Out. In the nearly 20 years since he shed it in favor of his own name, he's seldom performed the songs, but now Ali reconnects with them. New performances recorded at home highlight his interpretive skills, and the songs’ ability to speak for him in changed times.