Alasdair Roberts

A Wonder Working Stone


Drag City
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  1. The Merry Wake 6:15

  2. The Year of the Burning 5:43

  3. Fusion of Horizons 5:52

  4. The Wheels of the World / The Conundrum 9:37

  5. The End of Breeding 8:06

  6. Song Composed in December / The Bluebell Polka / Rap Y Clychau Glâs 6:24

  7. Brother Seed 5:51

  8. Gave the Green Blessing 5:36

  9. Scandal and Trance / We Shall Walk Through the Streets of the City 7:41

  10. The Laverock in the Blackthorn / Oganaich An Oir-Fhuilt Bhuidhe / Neil Gow's Lament For His Second Wife 6:22

About this product

Alasdair and his like-minded folk take a walk around this world and determine that it not so different from the one that came before. A thousand years of musical topography are seen from eleven unique song-crafts and all lead back to one undeniable conclusion: "all days will end in joy / they'll never end in evil." Here's hoping!

Released under name Alasdair Roberts & Friends