Ty Segall

Three Bells


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All Tracks

  1. The Bell 5:07

  2. Void 6:43

  3. I Hear 4:36

  4. Hi Dee Dee 3:11

  5. My Best Friend 3:16

  6. Reflections 4:02

  7. Move 3:15

  8. Eggman 4:04

  9. My Room 4:17

  10. Watcher 5:28

  11. Repetition 2:24

  12. To You 5:14

  13. Wait 4:34

  14. Denée 5:57

  15. What Can We Do 2:51

About this product

A fifteen song cycle that takes a journey to the center of the self. Ty’s been on this kind of trip before, so he’s souped up a vehicle that’s all his own — a sophisticated machine — to take us there this time. The conception of Three Bells arcs, rainbow-like, into a land nearly beyond songs — but inside of them, Ty relentlessly pushes the walls further and further in his writing and playing to cast light into the most opaque depths.

All formats available as Four Bells Bundle! All three bundles include a cassette featuring four more mutations from the control tower of the Harmonizer! Herein lie a couple alternate versions and a couple demo things that didn't make the final sequence, suggesting the extended dimensional space in which Ty Segall forged Three Bells