Drag City
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  1. Limozine 2:27

  2. Joint Chief 3:10

  3. Stoked 2:57

  4. Psychic Self Defense 0:58

  5. Heavy Gator 4:02

  6. PB & J 2:39

  7. Low Ass Mountain Song 4:09

  8. Speed To Roam 4:03

  9. Pulling Out Now 3:28

  10. Is Red 3:45

  11. Resurrect 7:16

About this product

Royal Trux streamlined: Now just Jennifer, backed by a new cast of characters with similar cacophony. The greasiest filthy mess to come out of Los Angeles since Axl's Slash.


"As I recall, during the Beet Maize and Corn tour, Dan K played the pre-release disc for us, not saying who it was. I was mightily surprised to discover it was Royal Trux - now RTX. The general reaction in the van was a feeling of "ill at ease," but I responded well to the light-on-the-ear sheen production value employed by Jennifer, which was a departure and for me, revealing. It was a road record, which, along side R. Kelly's Chocolate Factory, made for very satisfying listening on the highways and byways back then."

  • Sean O'Hagan, High Llamas